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We are food and culture lovers, curious about different cuisines around the world.

Because of our curiosity, we have tasted foods from many different cuisines and we continue to do so.

We also believe in knowing where the foods come from, the stories behind the dishes and the special things that make each cuisine so unique.

We are also passionate about exploring London's coolest and most colorful neighborhoods.  


Our goal is to share our passion for food and culture with as many people as possible. We want to show you another side of London: a colorful, cosmopolitan melting pot, where almost every culture in the world has a representation!




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Food has always been my passion. I come from a family of bakers, and my mother ran an Asian food stall when I was young.
When I moved to London, I fell in love with London’s international culinary scene, and instantly fell in love with Caribbean, Latin and African foods. My wife, Lucy, introduced me the amazing world of Afro-Caribbean food, and I introduce her the amazing world of Mediterranean food.
After deep exploration of London's markets and foods, we have launched "Hungry in London" and started taking tourists and locals to experience the culinary scene. 
In 2019 I launched a TV series in Israel, called "Omer is Eating London" which is still showing in the Food Channel.
London's food markets is where I feel at home, and London's colorful neighborhoods is where I love exploring new places. Join me for a journey in London’s coolest and most delicious neighborhoods.


As far as I remember, cooking was my passion.
I spend years working in an office although I was surrounded by an amazing team of people, I always felt I did not want to do this for the rest of my life.
After years of exploring food around the world with Omer, we launched "Hungry in London", so we can show people that London is way more than fish and chips - London is one of the world's most diverse culinary capitals. 
My knowledge of African and Caribbean cuisines, along with Omer's knowledge of Mediterranean, Asian and Latin cusines, made us a very "foodie" couple, and we are proud to share our "version" of London with you! 
Let's enjoy London together!


Barry is a radio broadcaster, DJ and music lover. Barry lives and breathes the historic Rock'n'Roll streets of London, appreciating every culturel landmark that the city can offer. You can find him either rocking dance floors, sipping a good pint of IPA beer at some local pub, or doing what he loves most - leading a walking tour group and having the time of his life.


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