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Food, history and Urban Life in Angel

Explore Angel, a hidden historic gem in North East London, and experience the city like a local. This tour takes you through the captivating history of the neighborhood, alongside the tranquil Regent's Canal. Immerse yourself in the area's charm with a walk through its secret passages and admire the diverse architecture, ranging from quaint Victorian buildings to modern structures.

Enjoy the flavors of Angel with a variety of local snacks, offering a taste of the community's vibrant food culture. Stop for a pint at a local pub and enjoy the eccentric and historic atmosphere.

Throughout the journey, discover the stories that bring to life the evolution of Angel, from a historical suburb to an essential part of London's urban life. This tour is not just a stroll through a neighborhood, but a rich immersion into the heart of Angel, one of London's best kept secrets.

  • Visit a unique pub

  • Embark on a local boat that resides along the area's Regent's Canal

  • Enjoy local snacks


1 alcoholic drinks

1 Snack

Bottle of water

Our exclusive printed guide to London’s best restaurants, markets and hotspots.

Not suitable for:

* Children under 12 years

Suitable for:

Gluten free

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