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London's Best Steaks

British beef is renowned globally for its outstanding quality. Cattle in Britain graze on lush green pastures, consuming a natural diet of grasses, which contributes to the meat’s tenderness, juiciness, and rich flavor. This high-quality meat is a cornerstone of British culinary tradition and a source of pride for the nation's farmers and chefs.

In London, many restaurants skillfully showcase this exceptional produce, respecting and emphasizing it on their menus. Among the notable establishments are Hawksmoor and Goodman, consistently ranked among London’s top steakhouses. However, there are also lesser-known gems that merit attention. Here’s a curated list of standout meat-centric restaurants in the city, with a special focus on exceptional steaks.

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Sophie's Steakhouse (Soho) For two decades, Sophie’s has been renowned for its excellent cuts of meat. The restaurant features an open kitchen with a fire pit, enhancing the meat's flavor with wood smoke. Here, you can enjoy prime rib, whole fish, lamb asado, and seasonal vegetables, all perfectly grilled.

Sophie's Steakhouse

Beast (Fitzrovia) Beast is lauded as one of London’s finest (and priciest) meat restaurants, offering premium, aged cuts including Japanese Wagyu and Kobe, and USDA beef from Nebraska. The meat is expertly roasted over a blend of oak, chestnut, and charcoal.

Lurra (Marylebone) Lurra specializes in wood-roasted beef, which is cooked until the rich yellow fat becomes buttery. Their sirloin with chimichurri sauce and sourdough bread served with bone marrow is a must-try.

Le Relais De Venise L'Entrecôte (Soho and City) This Parisian staple has been a fixture for 70 years, offering a simple yet delicious menu: a lettuce salad, steak as per your preference with a signature pepper-cream sauce, and fries, with the option for a second helping.

Le Relais de Venise l'Entrecôte

The Guinea Grill (Mayfair) A prestigious gastropub in Mayfair serving Scottish-grown meat. The menu includes unique offerings like ox heart and veal liver, complemented by a relaxed ambiance.

The Coal Shed (Tower Bridge) Ideal for meat lovers and those seeking variety, The Coal Shed offers an extensive selection of beef and seafood options, all grilled to perfection over coals.


The Black Cow (Camden) Located in Camden’s Hawley Wharf, The Black Cow offers a blend of American grill and Mediterranean flavors, featuring dishes like rump steak aged 45 days and onglet with homemade cornbread.

The Jones Family Kitchen (Belgravia) Near Victoria station, this spot is known for its tender steaks and a cozy setting within the luxurious Eccleston Yards.

The Quality Chop House (Fringdon) Specializing in rustic dishes with high-quality beef aged in-house, The Quality Chop House is known for its aged cuts and legendary confit potatoes.

The Quality Chop House

Pique-Nique (London Bridge) A relaxed French restaurant offering classic cuts like côte de beef and Chateaubriand, along with decadent sides like potato gratin.

Blacklock (various locations) A small chain known for its high-quality yet affordable steaks, ribs, and renowned Sunday roast.

Manteca (Shorditch) An Italian grill emphasizing aged meats, this restaurant is a collaboration between chefs from notable London meat restaurants.

Macellaio (various locations) An Italian butcher-restaurant where you can select your cuts at the entrance. Known for its Tibbon steak and excellent carpaccio.

Zelman Meats (Knightsbridge) Located in Harvey Nichols, this restaurant offers a diverse selection of beef cuts, with the option of a tasting plate to sample multiple types.


Omnino An affordable Argentinian steakhouse in the City area, where £30 gets you a cocktail, a starter, a steak with sides, dessert, and coffee, all showcasing meticulous preparation.

This list ensures a memorable culinary experience for steak lovers and meat aficionados visiting London.

London is undoubtedly a great place for meat lovers, boasting a vast selection of high-quality meats served across a plethora of dining establishments. While a select few restaurants consistently appear on lists celebrating the best steakhouses, there is a wealth of under-the-radar spots that deserve exploration. Beyond just traditional steak dishes, these establishments offer a diverse array of cuts and preparations. Venturing beyond the well-known can lead you to discover uniquely delightful culinary experiences, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the variety and craftsmanship available in London’s incredible meat dining scene.

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