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The Best Bowls of Ramen in London

About a decade ago, ramen transitioned from a niche offering to a standout feature on the menu of Japanese cuisine. As ramen spots began sprouting up everywhere, the dish soared in popularity—even among those who previously steered clear of soupy meals.

In London, as in other major cities, the ramen scene is vibrant and varied, comprising a mix of stellar and subpar establishments. While popular chains like Shoryu, Tonkotsu, and Bone Daddies are well-known, it’s often the smaller, lesser-known venues that truly shine, serving up unique and delightful ramen options for both meat lovers and vegans alike.

Ramen enjoys year-round popularity in London, providing comfort during the cold winter months and a refreshing option in the summer. Despite the constant crowds, the best places are worth the wait. Here’s a guide to some of the top ramen spots in London.

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Hakata Ramen (London Bridge) Situated on trendy Bermondsey Street, Hakata Ramen is a favorite for its extensive menu including 12-hour pork ramen and vegan shiitake mushroom soup. It's known for its 'hard' noodles, vegan options, gluten-free noodles, and reasonably priced cocktails.


Uzumaki (Bloomsbury) Uzumaki celebrates Japanese manga and animation with its decor and menu. It serves large bowls of ramen topped with enoki mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and slices of wagyu beef, amidst a vibrant atmosphere complete with a themed gift shop.

Monohon Ramen (Barbican/Old Street) Monohon Ramen exudes a strong Tokyo vibe, attracting a clientele largely composed of Asian students. The restaurant offers homemade noodles with customizable firmness levels to suit individual preferences. For those looking to explore beyond the traditional, Monohon serves hiyashi chuka—a cold ramen dish that is hugely popular in Japan but a rare find in the West.

Cold Ramen Salad at Monohon Ramen

Kokura (Waterloo) Located in the culinary challenging area of Waterloo, Kokura stands out with its owner’s decades of experience in ramen. Notable dishes include yuzu kara ramen with a tangy yuzu chili paste, and the restaurant also offers refreshing ramen salads for the summer.

TENMARU (Fitzrovia) This elegant izakaya offers unique ramen variations like lemon and basil ramen, alongside a chicken stock-based option. Starters include potato and cheese mochi, fish balls, and spicy tofu.

Ramo Ramen (Camden) Ramo Ramen infuses Filipino flavors into its dishes, offering unique ramen such as cara-cara ramen with peanut-based soup and oxtail, and ramen curry. It's a great choice for those looking to experience a twist on traditional Japanese ramen.

Ramo Ramen

Ippudo (various locations) Part of a global chain, Ippudo is known for its karaka-men ramen with pork belly, homemade noodles, and a spicy miso paste. It’s ideal for families and large groups.

Supa Ya Ramen (Dalston) This unconventional spot breaks traditional norms by serving ramen with non-traditional toppings like corn and roasted chili garlic oil, chicken ramen with salted beef, and vegan curry ramen.

Supa Ya Ramen

Kanada-Ya (various locations) A favorite among students and Japanese expats, Kanada-Ya offers authentic ramen with options like truffle ramen. Don’t miss the takana—pickled mustard leaves that perfectly complement the ramen.

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