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Colours and Flavours in
Afro-Caribbean Brixton

Welcome to Brixton, a melting pot of African, Caribbean and Latin flavours. From Jamaican classics to African ingredients, this place is alive with colours and rhythms that capture the heart and soul of its diverse community.

It's a food lover's paradise right here in London. Join us on this tour as we dine in some of Brixton's most beloved eateries, including a few special dishes and drinks exclusive to our journey.


But it's not just about the food. As we walk through the streets of Brixton, we'll also immerse ourselves in the stories and experiences of the Jamaican, Rastafari and African cultures. Feel the beat, smell the spices, and embrace the warmth of Brixton's incredible community.

This is more than a tasting tour, get ready to eat well! Explore the Afro-Caribbean culinary wonders of Brixton, South London, including traditional Jamaican, Latin and African dishes. Discover exotic fruits and vegetables, partake in a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, and uncover hidden gems with global influences with a local expert.

  • Taste the unique flavours of multicultural London, with an emphasis on Afro-Caribbean and Latin food.

  • Eat the best Brixton has to offer, and discover its vibrant culture.
    Explore new cuisines and flavours, surprising dishes and drinks.  

  • Participate in a traditional coffee ceremony.

  • Deepen your knowledge of London’s fascinating Afro-Caribbean culture, food and music. 

  • Visit the local market and explore exotic seasonal ingredients.

  • Explore Brixton like a true local, including secrets and hidden spots.


Three authentic restaurant meals

2-3 alcoholic drinks

Coffee Experience

Bottle of water

Our exclusive printed guide to London’s best restaurants, markets and hotspots.

Not suitable for:

* Children under 14 years
* Extremely picky eaters
* Keto / people with a highly specific diet

Suitable for:

Gluten free

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