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Street Art and Graffiti Tour in the East End


Embark on an enthralling journey with us through Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Spitalfields, three London neighbourhoods rich in history and diversity, once home to Jewish and Bangladeshi communities, and now a hub for artists and hipsters. Shoreditch has emerged as a global leader in street art and graffiti, boasting a vibrant scene unlike any other.

Today, Shoreditch stands as a lively centre of London's urban culture, not just thriving with hundreds of active graffiti artists, but also bustling with an array of restaurants, bars, music  venues, markets, and galleries.

Our tour will guide you through the neighbourhood's intriguing inner alleys and streets, revealing the stories behind the stunning murals and unique works by both local and international artists. Discover the depths of one of London's most fascinating areas today!

Delve into the fascinating world of Shoreditch's graffiti scene, uncovering the narratives behind the art, the artists, and the resurgence of East London.

    Gain insights into:

  • The complicated relationship between graffiti and street art

  • The history and stories behind the striking artworks

  • Understanding where artists are permitted to create their works

  • Identifying key and intriguing artists in Shoreditch and their backgrounds

  • How street artists earn their living

  • The concept and impact of gentrification

  • and much more!


  • Coffee and pastry

  • Our printed guide to London

  • The tour covers not only the main streets but also the lesser-known alleys, offering a comprehensive view of the neighbourhood.

  • Live Art Encounters: There's a chance to witness street artists in action, offering a unique and personal perspective on the art scene.

Suitable for families and children

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