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Food and Street Art in Shoreditch & Spitalfields Market


Welcome to the tasty side of London!
London’s East End offers a unique blend of flavours, cultures and spices. From Asian and Latin, to African and Middle Eastern, London’s vibrant street food and market scene allows you to journey across continents without leaving the city, offering a global gastronomic experience.
Hungry in London? You are in the right place!
On this one-of-a-kind tour we are going to eat some of the area’s standout foods, including exclusive dishes unique to our journey!
Alongside, enjoy curated drinks, a distinctive tea experience, and more.

This is more than a tasting tour, get ready to eat well!
Let’s dive into the tasty side of East London, with surprising street foods from around the world, drinks, unique tea experience, and a glance at the Shoreditch street art scene.

  • Taste the unique flavours of multicultural London - from Sri Lanka to Brazil!

  • Eat the best food Spitalfields Market has to offer!
    Explore new cuisines, surprising dishes, beverages and desserts 

  • Discover behind the scenes of East London’s street art and graffiti scene 

  • Enjoy seasonal drinks 

  • Indulge in a unique tea experience


5 foods from around the world
2 desserts
2-3 alcoholic drinks
Tea Experience
Bottle of water
Our exclusive printed guide to London’s best restaurants, markets and hotspots.

Not suitable for:

* Children under 14 years
* Extremely picky eaters
* Keto / people with a highly specific diet

Suitable for:

Gluten free

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