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London's Best Pastries and Desserts

Updated: Nov 14

London offers some of the best pastries, sweets and desserts. Renowned for transforming even an average meal into something memorable, the city's take on desserts or "puddings" — a term affectionately used by the British for anything from cheesecake to chocolate ice cream — is nothing short of remarkable.

The city's trendy eateries excel in artfully blending traditional British pudding concepts with innovative and extraordinary flavors, crafting desserts that are both visually stunning and delicious.

Beyond the confines of conventional restaurants, London's dessert scene is vast and varied. The city boasts a huge mix of dessert and sweet shops, including beloved gelaterias, exquisite bakeries, and top-tier patisseries. These spots are not only a hit on social media but also have garnered a dedicated and passionate following.

Whether you're in the mood for a morning pain au chocolat, a slice of cake paired with a coffee for a leisurely afternoon treat, a refreshing ice cream on a warm day, or a distinctive dessert to cap off a fine dining experience, in London you are spoiled for choice.

Our guide curates the finest and most renowned sweets in the city, encompassing both cherished classics and exciting new finds.

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Central London


Nestled in the Covent Garden area, Toklas Bakery stands out with its inventive and superior quality pastries and patisseries, making it a top choice in the neighborhood. Ideal for a morning coffee and pastry if you're staying nearby, or as a tranquil retreat after a bustling shopping spree in Covent Garden.

Toklas Bakery


For cookie enthusiasts seeking a new experience beyond Ben's Cookies, Crème in Soho offers a unique American-style cookie shop with a French flair. Their large, soft cookies are made with high-quality ingredients and feature inventive combinations like banana and dark chocolate (a personal favorite). They have locations in Soho and Notting Hill and also serve exceptional soft serve ice cream.


Bilmonte is a rising star in the ice cream world, offering both classic and innovative flavors. Don't miss their hazelnut ice cream, reminiscent of a high-quality Nutella. For an extra indulgence, try their small cones filled with melted chocolate, perfect alongside their double pistachio gelato and chocolate ganache.


While the Hawksmoor restaurant chain is famed for its exquisite steaks, it's their sticky toffee pudding that steals the show in the dessert department. This classic British dessert features a soft sponge cake topped with a warm, rich toffee sauce, making for an irresistible finish to any meal there.

Sticky Toffee Pudding at Hawksmoor

Candy Cafe

In the heart of Chinatown, which has become a hotspot for unique and visually appealing sweets, Candy Cafe stands out. This long-standing establishment offers a range of Asian desserts. Be sure to try their Kaya toast with homemade coconut spread and butter.

Milk Train Café

For a dessert that's as photogenic as it is delicious, Milk Train Café is the go-to spot. Their ice creams, adorned with a variety of colorful toppings and encased in cotton candy, are a visual and taste sensation.

Cotton Candy covered Ice Cream at Milk Train

Maison François

This upscale brasserie in Mayfair not only serves classic bistro dishes but also features a luxurious dessert cart reminiscent of Paris. Post-meal, or just for a sweet treat, indulge in their chocolate mousse or tarte tatin, or select from an array of exquisite patisseries from their decadent dessert cart.


Opposite Bocca di Lupe, one of London's finest Italian restaurants, lies Gelupo, renowned for its exceptional ice cream. Offering classic Italian flavors like Torino, Amalfi, and Bacchu, alongside unique options like mascarpone with basil, ova pergola grape sorbet, and saffron, it's a must-visit for ice cream lovers.


Mountain Restaurant

Discover the Spanish take on French toast at Mountain Restaurant. Their Torrija, a crispy, caramelized brioche filled with cream and served with crème fraîche and strawberries, has made this trendy Soho eatery a talking point.

Connaught Pâtisserie

For luxury pastries, Connaught Pâtisserie in Mayfair is a must-visit. Featured in our Mayfair guide, their handcrafted desserts from skilled confectioners use the finest ingredients for a truly memorable experience.

Connaught Pâtisserie

Plants by Deliciously Ella

Catering to vegans, Plants by Deliciously Ella, highlighted in our vegan food guide, offers delights like chocolate torte with crème fraîche and a millefeuille dessert. Don't miss their sticky toffee pudding and lemon cake and pudding.

Ô Craquelin Patisserie

Near Covent Garden, Ô Craquelin Patisserie blends French and Asian influences to create exceptional desserts like chai cake, yuzu cheesecake, and milk chocolate cookies with currants and caramel ganache.

Ô Craquelin Patisserie

Café Deco

Close to the British Museum, Café Deco, known for its modern British cuisine with a Mediterranean twist, offers constantly evolving desserts that reinvent the English pudding. Try their homemade peach ice cream with peach jelly and caramel twill, or their nectarine galette with crème fraîche.

Café Deco

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Borough Market area & south London

Gelateria 3Bis

Originating from Italy and now gracing London, Gelateria 3Bis is a distinguished spot for gelato lovers. Their extensive menu caters to a wide range of tastes, including an array of sorbets that are a hit with vegans and sorbet enthusiasts alike. Flavor highlights include Amaranth Cherries, Peanut Butter, Mascarpone & Figs, and Berries. For an extra touch of luxury, you can enhance your ice cream with a drizzle from their hot chocolate faucet, an indulgent feature that sets them apart.


Eric's Bakery has become a hot topic in London's culinary scene, especially notable as it's the brainchild of the team behind Flor's patisserie, a much-lauded restaurant and bakery that had to close during the coronavirus pandemic. Here, you'll find some of the softest, most butter-rich pastries in the city. They also offer savory croissants that are equally commendable. Located in the trendy Peckham neighborhood, Eric's is a must-visit for pastry aficionados.

Grove Lane Deli

Tucked away in the Camberwell neighborhood, Grove Lane Deli is a hidden gem, especially renowned for its exceptional pastries and cookies. This quaint deli is celebrated for offering some of the finest baked goods south of the Thames, making it a standout choice for those in the area.

Comptoir Gourmand

A delightful bakery located on the vibrant and trendy Bermondsey Street. Known for its exquisite selection of French-inspired baked goods, Comptoir Gourmand offers a range of treats from flaky croissants and delicate pastries to hearty, savory quiches. Their craftsmanship in baking is evident in every bite, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Whether you're looking for a quick breakfast, a leisurely brunch, or a sweet afternoon pick-me-up,

The East End & City of London

SHIOK! Pâtisserie

Located near Liverpool Street station, SHIOK! Pâtisserie stands out for its creatively designed desserts, including an apple dessert shaped like a small tin, a chocolate dessert resembling a teapot, and a lemon dessert fashioned like a tiny handbag. Each creation is not only visually stunning but also delicious, making SHIOK! a unique and delightful destination for dessert lovers.

Greedy Cow Bakes

In the Bethnal Green neighborhood, close to Shoreditch, Greedy Cow Bakes is a relative newcomer that's quickly gaining fame for its exceptional Korean milk doughnuts. These doughnuts are filled with a variety of unique creams and flavors not typically found in standard donut shops, such as Tiramisu, Victoria Cake, Kinder Bueno, Baklava, and Sticky Toffee. The perfect balance of airy dough and rich cream makes for a luxurious yet not overly heavy treat.

Greedy Cow Bakes

Rosslyn Coffee

Popular for its coffee, Rosslyn has several branches across the City of London area. In summer, they offer a delightful espresso ice cream topped with chocolate crumbs, along with excellent pastries. On a warm summer day, a visit to Rosslyn Coffee is the perfect follow-up to a tour of the Tate Modern, with a stroll across the Millennium Bridge leading right to their refreshing ice cream.


Pophams, with branches in Hackney and Angel, has become a beloved bakery among both locals and tourists. Renowned for their butter-rich sweet and savory pastries, their changing pastry selections are particularly noteworthy. A must-try is their PBJ, a small, swirl-shaped croissant filled with peanut butter, jam, and banana slices.

The Marksman

Awarded the Michelin Best Gastropub of 2017, The Marksman in East London is known for its rich and decadent desserts. The brown butter and honey tart, featuring a thin crust and nutty flavors, is so popular that diners often order it in advance to ensure they get a slice. Its unassuming appearance belies its heavenly taste.

Yeast Bakery

Adjacent to Broadway Market, Yeast Bakery offers a comprehensive selection of classic and unique pastries, from croissants and filled brioches to fruit-filled pastries. Grab a pastry and enjoy a stroll along the canal on a beautiful day.


Jolene, an ultra-trendy restaurant in North East London's Newington Green area, boasts an amazing bakery. After achieving success, the restaurant expanded with bakeries in Shoreditch and Angel, offering some of the best breads and pastries in London. They feature a rotating patisserie menu and inventive sandwiches.


FORNO (Italian for oven) is a trendy Italian bakery near Broadway Market that stands out for its fusion of traditional and contemporary flavors. It is renowned for its innovative approach to Italian baking, offering an array of unique pastries and sweets. Among their must-try items are the milk chocolate and sea salt praline bun, and the Veneziana, a brioche bun filled with custard.

West London

Cédric Grolet at The Berkeley

Cédric Grolet's patisserie at The Berkeley, a renowned Parisian institution, has added artistic elegance to London's dessert landscape. Located within the prestigious Berkeley Hotel, it is known for patisseries that resemble works of art, more akin to paintings or sculptures than traditional pastries. Here, you can find desserts that mimic the appearance of fruits or flowers, which, upon opening, reveal layers of complex flavors inspired by their form. As one of the most prestigious (and admittedly, expensive) dessert experiences in London, a visit to Cédric Grolet at The Berkeley is a must for patisserie enthusiasts.

Cédric Grolet

Café Kitsuné

Situated on the ground floor of the Pantechnicon, a small yet prestigious restaurants and shopping complex in the heart of Belgravia, Café Kitsuné blends French and Japanese influences. With a global presence in cities like Tokyo, Paris, and New York, and backed by the luxury fashion brand Maison Kitsuné, this café is a hit among foodies and fashionistas. The menu features unique offerings such as caramel rice pudding brioche, double-baked matcha croissant, and strawberry and yuzu tart,

Café Kitsuné

HACHI Beyond Bakery

A recent addition to Notting Hill, HACHI Beyond Bakery brings the finest of Japanese baking to London. Specializing in a variety of pastries and patisseries, including milk bread sandwiches filled with cream and fresh fruit, pastries oozing with rich pistachio cream, and those stuffed with sweet red bean puree—a popular delicacy in Japan. For those exploring Notting Hill, HACHI Beyond Bakery is a highly recommended stop for a taste of authentic Japanese baked goods.

Birley Bakery

Birley Bakery is an elegant and much-discussed patisserie and bakery that draws inspiration from the luxurious art-style boulangeries of Paris. It's even caught the attention of celebrities like Beyoncé, who was seen picking up a box of chocolates flavored with praline, coconut, lemon matcha, and dolce de leche. The bakery boasts a wide array of cakes, sweet and savory pastries, homemade ice cream, and more, all set against a backdrop of sculptural light fixtures and exquisite hand-painted murals.

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